This is primarily a sketch blog about my brain goops and the like. It's all mostly monsters, space (as in the Universe), critters, and more monsters.
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Newish character yay! :D

This is a complete redesign of one of my older chars, now with 20% more deer per deer. I dunno what to do with the background.

A camel char for my midterm that’s been in progress since the dawn of time itself. I can’t wait for it to be over and work on a new project >_>

I haven’t drawn anything cartoony in a while tho~


I’m trying to overcome my weakness with environments :U

I wanted to do a little more but GIMP began writing up a suicide pact with my laptop.

Another WIP. I joined a concept art club at school and every Thursday we do 3 hour drawings sessions based on a theme. This one was a humanoid savanna character :)

New project with my work process :D I don’t normally make posts like this but it was fun to look at what I did. This is also the first time I didn’t use my lineart in the final product which is new for me~

My tumblr now has a new background :’D I don’t even care if it’s fuzzy. I love it~

Turns out I can draw backgrounds and stuff but I just don’t like to do it :D


when you draw the torso first without planning out the rest of the pose


Sarroff being all girly in a dress again shooting people in the eyes with magical pink lasers~

Concept for a tengu character for Pandemonium Labyrinth (the game I’m working on at school). Eventually the website for the game will be up and ya’ll can see what work our group has done. It’s gonna be like a RPGmaker looking type of game.

I also finally made a brush for my watermark which makes me question why I never did so in the first place >.>