This is primarily a sketch blog about my mostly monsters, critters, and more monsters.
*Please, do not edit/steal my art. If you want to repost, go ahead, but source me.
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Anonymous asked: yooo that skull pixel in the bottom corner is awesome you have great pixel skills man

Thank you! :V

Anonymous asked: butter tits

Yay FR arts!

I need to stop buying ridgebacks I’m running out of food ;_;

A little something for my friend Wormflesh who always posts such lovely pictures of cats and critters!

Also I just made my new watermark for tumblr~

Finished thingy of that one WIP from some day back when hugh. I’ve been on this random hot pink rage for the past couple of days. I should post some of my sketcheroos~

I also need a new watermark.




people who say “monster people” but just mean “pretty anime people with demon horns or cat ears ” are one of the minor banes of my existence

This guy. This guy gets it

I need monster people with giant heads or hands or claws or are made of spikes forever



To eat


Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence


Teeny tiny animation I did for a mini game back a few months ago. He has a jump and walk animation too but I’m far too lazy to find them :P

Also shoutout to that one tutorial I found in the backfolds of google that told me to type “replace” in the frame box so my animations stop having traumatic seizures~

I’ve been waiting like 5 hours for Maya and 3ds Max to install on my laptop so I messed around in paint for a bit.

Also, I made a huge pixel house for a game my team’s working on. Will post it on DA or here or somewhere :) We got a few new people to work on 2D art so I can take a bit of a break.