This is primarily a sketch blog about my mostly monsters, critters, and more monsters.
*Please, do not edit/steal my art. If you want to repost, go ahead, but source me.
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little werebat/vampire thingie for everyone

I just finished texturing an electric box/locker/thingie to hold stuff and I’m so tired.

Lazy Heresy makes me happy~

I saw a picture of some jello today and it made me draw this? Inspiration.

My hand hurts and I can’t play no vidja games because of this loser >:I

As many of my friends know, photoshop is the bane of my tiny existence so I use gimp for everything :D

I’m making alpha textures for a little scene and decided to use my troquantary thingy as a graffiti sort of diddly doo. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make the damn alpha thingy but turns out gimp does it automatically which was so much easier than photoshop. I’ll post a render of my scene when I figure out to get my normal/spec maps to work.

I also textured a gross little locker which I very happy with :D

Guess who got a ton of veggie brushes :D

Little snipet of some armor I’m working on. Full version will be on my DA.

Quick speedpaint for practice~ Best to open in another window cuz the resolution is terrible.

This was supposed to be a nice forest scene but then I was like dead deer.

Anonymous asked: yooo that skull pixel in the bottom corner is awesome you have great pixel skills man

Thank you! :V

Anonymous asked: butter tits